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Aero air bed – harvesting the forces of nature for a well deserved rest!

aero air bed

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Many have been searching for aero air bed to add to their bedding collections and it is important to know that Aero has created many air beds and thus they are famous for their inflatable bedding products. many of the new aero air bed models come with innovative upgrades like the luxurious quilted mattress pad and easy to use control wands allowing firmness control at a touch of a button. With aero air bed, you no longer need to fumble to locate the air valve on the pumps to inflate or deflate your air bed.
One remarkable model of aero air bed is the new Premier Pillowtop Aerobed Air Mattress. This aero air bed comes with a recessed motor, a one-touch comfort control wand and thick, luxurious mattress pad. These features will provide customers with the ultimate in inflatable air mattress comfort. This aero air bed is very convenient to use because the motor is flushed with the outer edge of the bed, this air mattress can be used on standard bed frames, waterbed frames, pull-out sofa beds and even futons. This unit of aero air bed has full inches of quilted, air-filled padding have been added to the top surface, thus giving a more cushioned appearance and feel.
Aerobed is the worlds leading innovator of air-filled products. The aero air beds have exclusive, patented pump and valve technology allow their air beds and other products to inflate quickly and deflate just as easily. In fact, aero air bed products are so simple to use that you may never think of air-filled products the same way again. many users of the aero air bed have claimed that it’s just like sleeping on a regular bed because it inflates to the height of ordinary beds. Most aero air bed models have a 26″ sleep surface and inflates in less than 3 minutes. The patented one-touch control allows you to adjust the firmness quickly and easily. Some aero air bed models also have stability bars on two sides to provide added support. Storing it up is also easier than you could ever imagined. All it takes is one minute to deflate your aero air bed with the patented quick release valve. Then roll it up and toss it into the carry bag. With all the benefits discussed above, it is no wonder that the world’s most famous air bed is the aero air bed.
With that said, many great things can be said about the uses of an aero air bed. For one, it is suitable for delicate backs, especially those who have just underwent back surgery and needed something firm yet comfortable to sleep on. For those who have unexpected company from time to time, an aero air bed can be useful in your guest room as a permanent bed. The original Pillowtop inflatable mattress, considered by many to be the most comfortable of all aero air bed, is available now with new updates as the Premier Pillowtop Aerobed. These aero air bed are Instant portable air beds and air mattresses that are available in King, Queen, Full and Twin sizes. So if you’ve been wonderting about getting one for yourself, I’d suggest you let down your hesitation and invest in an aero air bed today!