ARW Your Mattress Can Make Or Break You

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Here’s a little known fact: You’re sleeping on the answer to MOST of your health problems and you barely know it.

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A good night’s sleep is important and that it’s the time your body rebuild itself, and its our duty to make sure that our sleep is uninterrupted and smooth. For years many of us have always wanted better health and vitality. However, most are not aware that we are actually sleeping on top of the answer everyday. In order to get quality rest, and I stress on the term “quality rest”, one needs to have a decent mattress to sleep on every night. Ever felt that you’ve just slept one hour even after you had 4-5 hours of sleep? This is the reason why quality sleep is important. Sleeping on a lousy mattress can be disastrous and here’s why:
A lousy mattress will lead to many ailments such as backaches, neck pain and worse still, spinal problems. it’s best to buy a medium-firm mattress, because it provides us a better balance between back support and comfort. That’s because sleeping on a mattress that is too hard exerts additional pressure on the back, resulting in more back pain for people who already may have backaches.
Many people do not know this, but the number and placement of coils in the mattress determines the level of support, while the amount of padding on the mattress determines the level of comfort. Adding some padding to a hard mattress may be a good option for individuals with back pain. With the variety of mattress variety on the market, personal preference in terms of sleep comfort and back support should ultimately be the guide for those with backache and spinal problems. If you have spinal problems, you should postpone any fancy purchases like a waterbed mattress.
So when getting a new mattress, its important to know more about the placement coils and also the thickness and amount of padding in the mattress. Educate yourself more on your own needs and also the technical aspects mattresses so you can make more specific enquiries and a better purchase. Ask the sales person assisting you as many relevant questions as you can and your knowledge on the subject of mattress will also improve greatly. Thus leading to a great purchase.
Before ending my thoughts about mattresses, it is important to know a frequently ignored fact. Our health is built like a three legged stool. Sleep, diet, exercise. These three are the very essence of our physical and mental health. Without any of the above, your health is incomplete. However, the most important of all is rest. That’s if you think about it and ask yourself, which of these can you survive? No exercise for one week? No food for one week? BUT what about no sleep for one week? I’m sure you’ll cringe at the idea. This is because your sleep time is when your body repairs and you get to relax physically and mentally. Thus a suitable mattress is a must.