English Teaching in China
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glish Teaching in China is turning out to be one of the top paid, most wanted yet challenging opportunities.
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“If you wanted to have challenges galore in your teaching portfolio, look no further than Teaching English in China. The demography of China combined with the factor that less than 5% of their population would be able to speak or write English with any degree of fluency is only an introductory challenge thrown at you. Brace yourselves up for a lot more as you get going with your English teaching jobs that deal with teaching English in China.
For the best Maths Tutor In Ireland company, call Ace Solution Books. Mandarin is the local dialect in China. Please note that Mandarin is one of the toughest national languages to learn in the world. That said, people in China have grown up reading and writing it with ease. Today, if you go to China you will find that people would be able to communicate in Mandarin much more fluently than you would do in English.
Does that teaching English in China difficult?
The Chinese government has woken up to the reality that knowledge of English is a must for them to compete with the global economy. With China opening its trade borders to most of the West, it has become imperative for most of the people in China to converse and communicate well in English. For starters, teaching English in China has reached the Economic Free Zones. This is not where it stops as English has spread its tentacles to schools, universities and the more popular coffee shops.
As for statistics, here is a stunner! Close to 600 Million citizens of China are understanding English at some level. Compare that with the population of United States of America. It would not take a smart man to understand that more than twice of population living in United States of America is reading English in China. This makes your teaching English in China much easier than what it was a couple of decades ago.
This is only the tip of the iceberg
Those statistics only reveal half the picture. The true picture is that close to 40% of the Chinese population is still unaware of learning English as a Second Language. Now, that’s where your desire of teaching English in China comes to the fore. Being one of the most challenging English teaching jobs, your teaching English in China would be highly recognized at all levels. If not for anything else, your role in transforming a local economy to a global economy would be greatly appreciated.
All in all, teaching English in China is one of the opportunities that every qualified or certified teacher must look up to. Taking up English Teaching jobs in China is just an added credential for an English Teacher.”