Dr. Bernstein Named One of “America’s Top Dentists” Sara Goldstein

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The Consumers’ Research Council of America (http://www.consumersresearchcncl.org) recently named The Consumers’ Research Council of America (http://www.allnewsmiles.com) San Francisco area cosmetic dentist Joshua Bernstein (http://www.allnewsmiles.com/about.html) one of “America’s Top Dentists.” (http://www.consumersresearchcncl.org/Healthcare/top-dent-website/top_dent3.htm) This title shall be added to his already prestigious record that includes winning 2002 Dental Practice of the Year Award and being featured on “Extreme Makeover” in 2003.
Wilma Chan (http://www.allnewsmiles.com/testimonials.html) the California State Assembly Majority Leader had this to say to Dr. Bernstein:
“Congratulations on winning the 2002 Dental Practice of the Year Award. Your ability to provide quality care at a time when the dental and medical profession is being challenged to streamline services and work with managed care is to be congratulated. No doubt you have worked hard to bring your practice to this level of excellence, and it must bring you satisfaction to see that you efforts have not been in vain. Good luck with continued success in providing quality dental services.”
The Consumers’ Research Council of America (http://www.consumersresearchcncl.org) names dentists based on experience, training, ADA board certification and professional associates. Other dentists nominated Dr. Bernstein for this distinction.
William G. Dickerson (http://www.allnewsmiles.com/testimonials.html), founder and president, Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies (http://www.lvilive.com):
“Just a note to thank you for the great job you did on my mouth. Our patients are rarely capable of making a judgment on the quality of dental service performed, but as a dentist myself the first thing I did was to use my intra-oral camera to check out the margins and the occlusion. You passed with flying colors. Sometimes we take our skills for granted, but let me thank you for your achievements and expertise to perform the involved dental procedure in a minimal number of visits. I know and appreciate the work and dedication needed to get you to the level you are.”
Dr. Bernstein has completed a comprehensive series of post-doctoral studies, served as Clinical Director on the LVI staff (http://www.lvilive.com) and completes hundreds of hours yearly in post-graduate dental studies to continue to have a widespread knowledge of the newest dentistry techniques and technology (http://www.allnewsmiles.com/tech.html).