Diabetes in Children is on the Rise Martin Grandley

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Diabetes! Why Must So Many Children Suffer?
Diabetes, the body’s inability to metabolize sugar properly,
is something that most people have to just live with for the
rest of their lives. You can control it, of course, with
proper diet and by taking medication. But the fact that an
increasing number of young children and adolescents are
prone to it nowadays is a cause for concern.
It is not surprising that with the increase in the number of
overweight children and growing obesity problems diabetes
too is growing proportionately. Lesser physical activity
among children Children these days is also creating health
Physical Inactivity, Extra pounds and Stress
Being overweight doesn’t help. The extra burden those extra
pounds put on your body weaken its response and ability to
handle stress. And this kind of stress increases manifold,
especially when your body is still growing, and is yet to
achieve full size.
These extra pounds come from a life of physical inactivity
in children, too much time sitting at the computer and at
meals is taking its toll in increased weight. Children’s
bodies, already hampered by excess weight, have no way,
therefore, to cope with their diets, rich in fat and sugar.
Very simply put, the body cannot metabolize, or burn, these
high levels of fat and sugar, causing an imbalance that
leads to diabetes in so many children.
You are what you eat
In today’s fast paced world, more and more families rely on
easy to cook, processed foods that have a high fat and sugar
content. In the past, our diets contained wholesome and
nutritious foods like fresh fruits and vegetables.
This can place a tremendous pressure on the body. Like the
camel who can take only so many straws, the body can, and
will tolerate many elements of stress. But like the camel
with the last straw that broke his back, too many stresses
interfere with the normal functioning of vital organs, the
liver and pancreas. The result — disease, maybe even
partial or total dysfunction.
Would you really want to damage something so inherently part
of your nature?
Children will be children, of course, and they can make poor
health choices by eating the wrong foods. But isn’t it
really up to families to encourage and incorporate a healthy
lifestyle at home? And when they don’t, children are more
likely to fall prey to health problems and are more prone to
At the end of the day, everyone in the family needs to pull
together as one team on the same side — the side that keeps
illnesses like diabetes and other unhealthy issues at bay.
Most people groan and moan at the thought of healthy living.
But it doesn’t’thave to be such a grind. Physical exercise
can be fun when done together as a group. Family members can
take turns in coming up with new and interesting, but
healthy recipes to cook every day. Slowly but surely, the
benefits of healthy living will rub off on everyone.