Caroline Cardenas: One Woman’s Crusade For Good Health

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A short bio on Carolina Cardenas and her attempt to clean up the health supplement industry.
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It always starts with one person. A single voice will rise out of the murk of an overrun, misguided industry and sound a rallying cry that draws attention from every direction. Caroline Cardenas is that voice in the growing world of new natural health supplements, cutting through the thick layers of poorly formulated, over marketed goods and telling people how things really are. Shooting from the hip and focusing intently on spreading information first and foremost, Caroline has long been an advocate of the right kind of natural health.
Many people will assume that there can be no such thing as ‘bad natural health’. But, they would be incorrect as the industry has proven with the influx of poorly tested, underperforming, side-effect laden products. That is not to say that every product on the market is poorly made. Caroline Cardenas will actively tout the merits of any product that provides the results it promises without any adverse side effects, but the products that fail to do so are making it harder to find those good supplements.
In addition, the pharmaceutical company has ingrained in the collective mind of the American people that there is something fundamentally wrong and ‘unsafe’ about the herbal and natural supplements that Caroline Cardenas discusses on her website, .
People are pumped full of medications on a regular basis that cause further illness, breaking down the body’s immune system, clogging the digestive track, and weakening organs.
Caroline Cardenas has stood up against this old, dying dogma and spoken freely, openly decrying the pharmaceutical companies for their double standards and providing direct, well researched information to help people make solid, well informed decisions about natural health products that will not only work, but that will prevent those diseases from ever arising, negating the need for medications altogether.
Caroline Cardenas is unlike other voices in the industry because she does not try to push a specific agenda on her readers and viewers. She simply seeks to share information, gathered from her ten years studying the effects and combinations of various herbs and natural supplements, and provide it to the public so that people who may not know their options have a foundation from which to proceed; a starting point where they can start improving their overall health with natural health supplements.
Caroline Cardenas’ expert advice has been used to create articles and videos on the merits and dangers of various different supplements currently available. She has offered alternatives, debunked existing products, and uncovered potentially viable new supplements that may help to change how everyone thinks about natural health supplements.