Buying a Wheelchair Lift for Your Vehicle

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Buying a wheelchair lift for your vehicle requires that you know what options are available and where best to shop.
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Wheelchair lifts are very convenient for those who are using wheelchairs and often need to transport the equipment. Mobility will never be hampered if you have one installed. A stroll in the park or a visit to the mall can be easier if you can load and unload your wheelchair without much effort. This is the foremost reason why wheelchair lifts are being installed to more cars nowadays. There are many choices which a prospect buyer can choose from. It is necessary to know the fundamental information about wheel chair lifts in order to be successful in making the purchase.
There are two main types of wheelchair lifts which one can easily install on any vehicle. The internal vehicle wheelchair lift, as the term suggests, can be stored inside the vehicle and is most commonly placed in the rear part of the car. This internal lift type is a permanent one. You need not worry about your wheelchair getting wet in the rain or exposed to dust and other elements since it is stored inside. In choosing an internal carrier, be sure to consider you car’s space, most especially in the rear. This is best suited for SUVs or wagons with ample space for storage.
There is also the external wheelchair lift which is attached at the back of the vehicle. This is suited for medium cars and sedans. An external wheelchair carrier is only appropriate if the wheelchair you are using is light to medium built. A heavy mechanized one will be too much load for external lifts and will place so much stress to the frame. This is very important because you are going to carry it in your rear for the duration of your trip and you may lose some due to material breaks. You can only use an external wheelchair lift if you travel short distances only.
Today, there are many variations of wheelchair lifts according to its manner of usage and operation. There are electrical types, powered by the cars 12 volt system which can hoist the wheelchair with a few press of the button. There are also lifts which are operated mechanically. These lifts are normally less costly because they do not need electric motors and wiring service.
Choosing the right wheelchair lift for you car is not a difficult task. What you only need to figure out is the weight of your wheelchair and the average travel distance that you usually take. From there you can somehow choose whether to go for and external one or an internal lift. Lastly, your car’s compatibility to these lifts is equally important.