6 Steps to Decoding and Zapping a Zit

Naweko San-Joyz
Typically when a zit pops up on your face, you first response is “How fast can I get rid of this thing?” This situation can accelerate to a nightmare if your visage is canvassed with pimples that seemingly reproduce faster than bunnies. There is a simple way to take the frustration out of an unwelcome colony of zits and permanently supplant them. It involves a bit detective work that will prove to be more potent than any acne treatment that you’ve tried in the past.
Step one: Location, location, location. Where are the zits located at on your face or body? The areas of our face are directly related to organs within your body. For example, the area just below the space between your eyes corresponds to the pancreas. A zit appearing in this area could result from over consuming sugar products, which taxes the pancreas. You could remedy this zit by reducing your simple sugar intake for 2-3 days.
Step two: Type. What type of zit are you dealing with? A papule, cyst, whitehead, blackhead, or pustule? The type of zits you have reveals what type of issues your body is battling and how serious this issue is. For instance, cysts are deep within the skin and its unforgivingly painful set of traits queues you that your body is in desperate need of a change. The formation of a cyst is tied to the health of your blood and immune system. To help uproot a cyst, you would boost your immune system and cleanse your blood. Taking an herbal laxative for a few days and drinking blood-cleansing teas containing goldenseal will ease the load on your immune system.
Step three. Time. How long have you been dealing with acne? 2 days, 3 weeks, 4 months, or y-e-a-r-s! Does it usually occur at a specific time? As unfortunate as it may sound, the amount of time you have had acne will be directly proportional to the amount of time it takes to free yourself of acne. Why, it took time and habits to create acne and it will take the same to remove it. If you have just recently begun to experience acne, you can reflect on you life form the past one to two months and note any significant changes you have experienced or initiated in your personal life and diet. For example, are you preparing for a new job, looking for a wife, just had a baby, etc. Any major, or new change in your life impacts your hormones. So, examine how you’ve dealt with these changes or new desires. What emotions do they evoke in you? Excitement, fear, impatience, uncertainty? If you can control or somehow contain your emotional response, you can simultaneously contain your hormones and fend off zits.
If you’ve been coping with acne for years, you cure will be a bit more involved. This upside of this is that you stand to discover more about yourself that your neophyte acne counterparts. In a nutshell, you can begin remedying a long-time acne issue by enhancing your immune system, cleansing your blood, strengthening your liver and ensuring that your colon is clear. If you’ve tried all that and still need acne resolution help, you can pin point your acne trigger.
Step Four. Remove or resolve your Acne Trigger. An acne trigger is any thought, location, feeling, food, emotion, response, drink, drug, memory and/or experience that sets off a series of hormonal reactions in your body that ultimately result in an acneic formation.
Stress, excess sugar, bodily toxicity, depression and extreme mood swings can move the body to excrete excess oils on the face. This excess oil creates the ideal environment for the bacteria to reproduce in excessive numbers. As you see, you do not remove acne by killing the bacteria because bacteria are highly intelligent life forms and serve critical bodily functions.
The p acnes that are often blamed for causing acne can only irritate the skin and provoke the formation of a zit when our own internal imbalances create the ideal environment for the bacteria to reproduce in excessive numbers.
Once you find your unique acne trigger you can remove the root cause of your acne and live acne free.
Step five. Examine your past acne treatment strategies. How have you dealt with zits in the past? What worked? What did not work? Perhaps you’ve tried creams, prescription medicines and herbal supplements. Unfortunately, most people go for a treatment hoping for one thing only, removal of zits. But acne treatments target zits differently. For example, benzoyl peroxide works by “killing acne causing bacteria” and thereby helping to reduce the presence of acne. Actually, you need p acne bacteria your face and do not want to kill them per se. You want to avoid creating an environment that is conducive to acne. Controlling and understanding your acne trigger do this.
Salicylic acid works be helping to exfoliate the skin and reduce the build-up of dead skin cells that can cause inflammation of the hair follicle and zits. You can only exfoliate your skin so much. If you hormones are causing excess oils faster that you can safely exfoliate, salicylic acid will only help to a moderate extent. Then there are antibiotics designed again to “kill acne causing bacteria”. As a major setback to you aims of acne freedom, antibiotics actually destroy some much-needed intestinal bacteria such as the acidophilus. This intestinal upset can lead to constipation and a weakened immune system- a combo that can worsen acne.
If your skin is covered with inflamed zits such as cysts, papules and whitehead, you want to reduce inflammation, not dry your skin out. Boosting the immune system reduces inflammation. This can be done by drinking sugar free juices containing citric acid, like lemon aid or supplementing your diet with a multivitamin containing 1000mg of vitamin C. Drinking calming, cleansing and antioxidant rich teas such as chamomile, green tea, or Echinacea teas also aid the immune system.
Are you battling blackheads? You can quickly assist these blemishes by using an exfoliating acid peel such as an alpha hydroxy peel. Blackheads are open pores clogged excess oils that have been exposed to the air. This exposure turns the exposed oils black. The acid peels penetrate and help remove this plug.
If you have taken antibiotics in the past, you may wish to take and herbal laxative or supplement containing acidophilus to help restore the intestinal balance of bacteria in your body to ensure regularity.
Step six: Assimilation. In short, you acne treatment should boost your immune system, help your naturally control your hormones, help reveal more beautiful skin and reveal insights about yourself. For more acne self-care tips, visit http://www.Noixia.com.