Diet Basics…What’s It All About? Gregory Boileau

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Does trying to understand the diet basics create frustration, fear, and feelings of helplessness about the truth?
Do you find that you get sidetracked by all the glitter of most internet diet sites before you realize what is really important to you and what has true value?
Scientific ideas are continually changing, and as they empty their discoveries on the world, you will stagger beneath them in utter confusion. Try as you do, you will find yourself behind in the diet race in spite of yourself. It’s an incessive strain to keep pace…
And still, you will lose ground. The entertainment world, the internet, and even political agendas will leave you out of breath trying to keep pace with who’s in and who’s out.
Everything is hyper high pressure!
Go ahead and scream because you most surely deserve it. After all, what do the experts say you should be eating this week? Bread was banned a couple of years ago, pasta is definitely outlawed by now, and even healthy carrots and bananas have a bad rap.
If you’ve been struggling to lose weight for over a decade I’m sure you’ve lived through the low fat high carb days, the low carb to no car era and now you’re realizing once again you’ve done it all wrong. Yes, if you’re an attentive dieter you most likely have realized that the newest approach to lose weight is through some sort of low glycemic index diet.
How much more can you take? If you’re like most probably not much more, or can you? If you really want to lose weight on a Fad diet you have to go back to the principles that govern the human organism. This is a little too complex to go into detail in such a short article, but here are just the basics.
The human organism is made up of water, protein, fat and nutrients and minerals. It uses fat and carbohydrates as fuel, but will use protein as a fuel source if it finds itself in a state of starvation. To lose weight the human organism has to consume the correct building blocks that make up its structure and provide it with fuel. If it does not do this correctly the organism will turn into a ‘soggy’ structure.
Nobody wants a soggy, deficient structure, but the world we live in today develops food that encourages this type of configuration. You do have choices though. Make sure you educate yourself about health, fitness, nutrition and then take action.