Chicago Drug Rehab Long Term Help For a Real Recovery

Jeff Lakie
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The central location of the city of Chicago has made it a hub for the distribution of drugs in the Midwest, though much of the problem remains upon the city’s streets. The use of crack cocaine is the city’s biggest drug problem – since 1990, admissions to Chicago drug rehab for the treatment of this drug have more than doubled. The use of heroin has also increased in recent years, meaning that the drug rehab system now has to work harder than ever before.
The importance of the Chicago drug rehab system is reinforced by the criminal activities that arise from drugs sales and abuse. The sale of drugs in Chicago is governed by a variety of street gangs, and while the violent crimes associated with these groups has witnessed a decline in more rural areas, these crimes are on the increase in cities like Chicago. For this reason, an enormous amount of time and attention is devoted to the capturing and punishment of criminals, and this only increases the stigma and even the danger of asking for help in breaking the shackles of a substance that is funding the lives of criminals.
Despite the attention devoted in the city toward the criminal aspects of drug abuse, there is still available a range of treatment centers to assist the victims of the crime, the individuals who have become addicted to the substances that the criminal pedal. The difficulty presented to Chicago drug rehab centers is helping the recovering addict avoid recidivism in a city where drugs are so readily available. While the initial detoxification process is one that is extremely challenging, it is unfortunately only the first stage in a long process. The recovering addict must explore the reasons they turned to drugs in the first place, and to find new coping mechanisms to replace the old. Temptations abound in a city like Chicago, and in order to reach complete recovery, the patient must be equipped to deal with challenges such as meeting former friends, and returning to the environment in which they were previously a user. For all these reasons, aftercare is an extremely important aspect of drug rehabilitation, and there must remain a strong presence in the recovering addict’s life of counsellors and therapists who can be turned to during times of distress, so that the patient can regain true control of their lives.
Chicago is a wonderful city, with many things to enjoy. If you or a loved one require help with giving up drugs, choose the treatment center that will help you through all the stages of your journey, so that you can begin to recognise your city’s beauty, without your vision obscured by drugs.