Bird Flu

Peter John Bell
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Bird Flu Prevention
Bird Flu is coming to our shores, make no mistake. Its not if but when. Simple preventive measures can help to prevent its spread both to poultry and humans.
The Media have been harping on about Bird Flu for months. So much so that we have all become bored of it…Just like the imminemt “SARS” outbreak we were going to have a few years ago. Well don’t become complacent, because its not if the deadly Avian Flu strain H5N1 reaches our shores, but WHEN!!
What is Bird Flue??
Bird Flu or H5N1 to give it its scientific name, first came to light in Hong Kong in 1997, where it jumped the species barrier from birds to humans and infected 18 poultry workers. Six of whom died. It has been steadily spreading throughout Asia since then and is now likely to spread throughout Europe also!!
What Are The Symptoms of Bird Flu?? Bird Flu infection in humans portrays classic flu symptoms such as Fever, Headache and Muscle Aches and Pains.Although as Bird Flu Primarily affects the respiratory tract, breathing difficulties and chest pain also ocurr.Another symptom is conjunctivitis (Eye Infections).
Preventing Bird Flue
If and when the Avian Flu Virus mutates into an easily transmittable human form. There are a few simple Anti Viral measures that can be taken to minimize the risk of you contracting the lethal H5N1 Virus. These include, the frequent washing of hands with Ant-Viral soap, the wearing of an anti viral mask and gloves when out in public, and other common sense measures which are discussed on the website.
Whera Can I find the Latest News on Bird Flu
The latest News on Bird Flu and its worldwide impact can be found at There are many Health Related articles on this site including in depth information on the impending Avian Flu Pandemic.
Is The World Taking It Seriously
YES….There have Already been meetings of top associations from Industry, Farming, the World Health Organization, and even the Banks….Proving that this is a real threat and if Cpommerce and the Banks are worried then so should we…Find out more at
So the conclusion to all this is: Bird Flu is a real threat both to Poultry and Humans…IT IS COMING!!! But using simple Anti Viral measures, we can help minimize its spread and stay alive!!!
More information and News on the Worldwide Spread of Avian Flue, and other Health related articles can be found by visiting