Big Guy, Big Girl, does it Indirectly mean Fatty

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Being big has its perks but it can also hurt you in the long run. Discover tips on how to remove some extra weight you may not want and feel incredible.
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If you are like me, and friends and family call big guy it usually means your are a bit overweight and indirectly means fatty. If you are sick and tired of it, it time to do something about it and prove some people you are not just a big guy but and intelligent one. Over the years being big guy has become a huge trend in sports. Multi billions of dollars spent in advertising featuring, you guessed it, big guys pitching you a new protein bar or super supplement. With all the supplementation products, and TV this for sure proves my point. If you look at an average person who is a bit overweight, he is considered the big guy of the group. Some will actually enjoy that title and some will not. Speaking from experience it is not too hot being called fatty indirectly.
Whenever you decide to take matters into actions and prove people that you can handle this whole big guy thing, you will start noticing peoples reactions immediately. Being big can mean problems though. Health problems that is. High cholesterol, Diabetes, Hypertension etc. Big guys usually encounter some of these or if not more diseases because of their size and shape. To avoid such problems, lets take are way of thinking and our outlook to life a bit differently. Start with eating better foods. Preferably greens and solid complex carbohydrates like; yams, sweet potatoes, grains etc. Greens will help you balance your PH acidic levels in your body, which will improve your health significantly and you will almost immediately notice your results.
Having a balanced Ph level means improving your health immediately. Ph of 7 or above means your blood is not as acidic therefore more healthy cells are produced and distributed to your organs. It has been known that controlling your body’s alkalinity will give longevity and healthy organs.
Don’t put the down the ever popular protein. Protein is the fuel to muscle gain and recovery. Although powders and pills are not necessary it may help speed the process. Increase your protein intake to about 1 gram per 1 pound of your weight. If you weight 185 lbs, then about 30 grams of protein in the spread of 6 meals for optimum metabolic boost. Protein may be underestimated now days because of its high impact from the media. But never abandon it. Best natural protein resources are from birds; chicken, turkey, fish; tuna, yellow fin, catfish etc. Stay away from red meat if possible, but if you still want red meat leaner cuts are very effective also.
If you stay consistent with these tips, you will gain muscle and eliminate extra weight you may be carrying. It is not easy to get started but once you start, like any habit you will create a life changing routines forever and disease will not face you. Do it for yourself, improve your well being and instead of being called a big guy you can be call a dude or girl with solid ripped abs.