APD Buying a Ceiling Fan

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An article about reasons why you should consider buying a ceiling fan as well as giving tips on operating and cleaning the fan.

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There are a few reasons to install a ceiling fan in your house. They really bring style to your residence and wooden homes look impressive with the addition of an elegant polished wood blade fan to match their walls and wood flooring. Dining areas look excellent with a light color fan blade that matches the dining room table and crystal globes on each light bulb will reflect off your crockery and glassware. Each dinner will be brighter with the additional light in your dining environment and you will enjoy every summertime meal with a cool breeze flowing into the dining area.
Fans bring comfort to family rooms and dens too. A ceiling fan over your favorite chair will make watching TV, knitting, or reading a more cooler and more tranquil experience with the terrific reading light provided by the fan.
When you are ready to purchase your ceiling fan, consider whether you will be installing the fan yourself or whether you will be hiring someone else to set it up for you. Take into account that if you employ a professional to install it, you will be paying extra cash. The fan will include an instruction manual giving directions on exactly how it should be installed, but it you don’t have any wiring skills you should definitely hire someone or get a skilled friend to help you for free. The installation should only take a day, and your home will be cool in no time.
Operating the fan is simple; there will either be a short chain within hand reach that turns on the fan and controls the speeds and next to that, another chain that controls that light switch. Alternatively, you may have a model that does not have the chain, which you can just operate from a switch on the wall. The best ceiling fans will have settings for low, medium, and high speeds, each accessed by an effortless tug of the chain or click of the switch.
You will need to clean the blades of your ceiling fan every week to insure that it gives off the best airflow. The dustiest part of the ceiling fan will be the top part above the blades which you can easily clean with a vacuum with a hose attachment to reach those high spots. If you do not have a vacuum, just use a cloth or paper towel with some sort of non-abrasive cleaning spray or polish.
In summary ,a ceiling fan can really brighten you home, providing cool air, and making an elegant addition when you match it with your room colors. Installation can be cheap and easy and a weekly clean will make sure that your fan serves you well for years to come.