APD Breathe Life into your old vanity

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Tips on breathing some life back into an older vanity on a budget.

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If you cant stand the look of your vanity and want to breathe some new life back into it, you should consider trying to spruce it up. Aside from what you may have heard, an old vanity cabinet can be overhauled with little to no money. While you could always invest in a new cabinet, youd be amazed at the kind of satisfaction a small amount of elbow grease and time can bring about.
Probably the most lucrative option for those with an unsightly bathroom vanity cabinet is to paint it. Most vanities can be painted with standard paints available at home improvement stores. If youre unsure as to what type of paint your project will require, its best to talk to an employee at your local home improvement store. The employee should be able to give you some insight into the materials youll need to execute your project.
If paintings not something youre looking forward to, you should consider replacing the hardware on your vanity. Swapping out your bathroom vanity cabinets old hardware, with new and shiny hardware can bring about astonishing results. It really doesnt take much to revitalize a rooms focal point.
If neither the above options appeal to you, you have the option of replacing your vanitys countertop. The countertop is one of the bolder elements of a countertop and can thus work to enhance its appearance or utterly annihilate it. If your vanitys current countertop is simply no longer cutting it, you should seriously consider replacing it. Those that are willing to spend more money should consider purchasing real stone countertops. If the budgets a bit tight, you can also go with a laminate countertop. Both will get the job done  just at varying prices.
Giving your vanity a new look isnt as hard as it initially appears. If youre willing to dedicate a little time and patience, the possibilities for revitalizing an old vanity are endless.