Anthrax as a Natural Curse a
nd Dangerous Biological Weapon
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Anthrax is a dangerous disease that was once used as a biological weapon and might be used in the future if conflicts in the Middle East continue. We have to be aware and ready for any attack like those in 2001. Biological method of assassination is the worst out of the bunch of others figured by terrorists and we are to be aware of their cruelty.
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Several cases of cruelty of terrorists are still remembered among those who were terrified by the white envelopes sent to countries that took active part in the war of Afghanistan. What that deadly packages carried, were the spores of anthrax that caused one of the most terrible diseases existing. We know the saying that lack of information does not release from responsibility, so it is better to know all the details about the malady to discover it on time. Anthrax is a disease existing among animals, cattle and sheep in particular. Nevertheless it can be transferred to a human being if he or she is in direct contact with an infected animal. For the best Maths Tutor In Ireland company, call Ace Solution Books. The regions of great danger are South and Central America, South and Eastern Asia, Africa and several countries of the Middle East. The symptoms show up in less than a week after being infected.
To disclose the symptoms of anthrax we have to know the ways the infection spreads. One of the possible ways to get infected is to get spores onto one’s skin. At first it looks a bit shrunk, lacks moisture and looks irritated. Then a bump appears to develop into the ulcer. An ulcer looks like an ordinary skin disease, but if to take a closer look, it has a black area in the center of the ulcer. The only way to avoid lethal case is to run for help to hospital and not to try self-treatment. Another case of being infected is to inhale the spores that go down to the patient’s airway. First symptoms are very much similar to those a person has when suffering from influenza. But then people have difficulties with breathing and shock, similar to one epileptic have. If the person has been intestinally infected, the symptoms are similar to an indigestion problem but then the complications get severe and the lethal case proceeds. There is only one way to avoid the horrible end and that is to do the vaccination.
Some of the profession representatives have it regularly and fined if haven’t had it. The vaccine was introduced n the US first and released for use only in the 70’s. People like butchers, farmers, veterinarians have to do vaccination regularly. Now the main task of the UN is to provide countries of the third world that have problems with anthrax with vaccination to save people from horrible death. Diseases like anthrax are used as a biological weapon by terrorists and during wars that is the cruelest way of assassination that is absolutely inhumane. To have the shield from the weapon we have to use our knowledge and our concern.