A Natural Hormone Can Make You Lose Weight

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Most of us desire to be in perfect shape all the time. A good physique enhances our persona and makes us feel confident about ourselves. Attaining and maintaining a nice figure is no child’s play. It requires immense hard work and dedication. But we’re blessed in some ways as we’ve got a platter full of options for maintaining our weight.
According to new discovery, Obestatin, a naturally occurring hormone might prove helpful in controlling weight by suppressing the appetite. This unique hormone is formed in the stomach and small intestine. It’s capable of reducing hunger partially by slowing the rate at which food travels through the stomach and the small intestine. Consumption of an extra dosage of Obestatin could decrease the digestion process even further. If proved efficient for humans, it can be a big sigh of relief for millions of obese people worldwide.
It’s a well known fact that obesity has genetic causes and weight gain is biological therefore most of the time obesity can occur due to some sort of genetic disorder. There are more than 50 genes that controls our weight. We need to acknowledge the fact that our biological makeup hasn’t changed over the past years, but the number of overweight and obese people have risen dramatically.
Over weight or obesity leads to a lot of other medical complications which can be life threatening at times. To safeguard ourselves from this dreaded disorder, we need to lead our life in a more organized way. Regular workouts and exercise in addition to a healthy diet full of nutrition and devoid of fat can help us remain fit and healthy for years to come. A healthy lifestyle will always remain the most important way to control weight and make our life an enjoyable one.